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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

from Folio 69


All you're going to get from me
are the ideas you'll need
to understand everything.
--N.O. Ting

To admit to
an inability
to be happy
under any circumstances
other than those found
in a bar or a bed
is comparable to
walking down Main Street
with one's pants
around one's ankles

or one's skirt.


Note: This image is stolen from a letter of Faulkner to I don't remember whom, though I am the one who thought of adding the skirt. I wrote this poem some years ago and it makes its first appearance in public here and now. The only edit, made tonight, was to remove a set of parentheses starting before "other" and ending after "bed."

Note to Tsipi: J'ai du coulot, n'est-ce pas?

Postscript: To be able to get a poem "out there" so effortlessly after years of being shut up alone in the house with them is blowing my mind.

Important Addendum: For dinner tonight, baked chicken cutlets, small microwaved red potatoes (one for Betty, two for me), some horrible canned tomatoes, and a glass of Beck's non-alcoholic beer.

Time and date stamp: Woden's day, October 17, 2007, 11:o1 PM.


the tsipi keller blog said...

ah oui!!!

barbara reuther said...

i love seeing you here.

Richard McNally said...

Tsipii & Barbara,

How nice of you to comment. Brace yourselves, screenplay coming soon.