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Monday, October 15, 2007

James Oddo - Get the f*** out of my office

I should like to inaugurate my web log (I object to the word "blog" because it is ugly) with a video from YouTube that sets a certain tone, conveys a certain attitude, that I can relate to.

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Gail Rae said...

Your sister of The Unforgettable Fund just introduced me to your journal through a comment on my own, Richard. Her purpose was to direct me to some recent posts of yours about Klein's "Shock Doctrine". I'll be reading them thoroughly as time allows. Currently I'm making my way through Jacoby's "The Age of American Unreason" and am wait-listed at the library for "Shock Doctrine", so I want to thank you for your posts about this book.
When I encounter a new online journal I always go back to the beginning to get an idea of when, where and how it started, which tends to reveal a bit about where it is. I want you to know, I also object, strongly, to the word "blog", for exactly your reason: It's ugly, phonetically, intellectually and emotionally, which is why I try not to use it...reminds me a little of a "used" cigar! Nasty thought!
Which brings me to your introductory video. I can't remember where, when or why but I do remember seeing this once before. I salute that you recognized its potential for self representation!
"I'll be [reading] you in all the [relatively new, remarkable] places..."