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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tired, Depleted

I am so freaking tired and feel so depleted that I feel I'll never be able to write another line as long as I live. Wasted a good deal of time last night at the Trigger Street site reading bits of screenplays and bios of screenwriters, jumping from one to the next over and over till my head was spinning and I was bewildered, highly discouraged by the seemingly endless number of competent screenwriters "out there"; will probably have to stick my head in the sand and stop going there to keep my belief in myself alive. Alone, alone, alone. Which sucks. So I'll probably go there impulsively from time to time. Delighted to have received comments on Cocked & Loaded from grammar school friend Bob Knuppel who read it in one go. I'm waiting to see if he'll give me authorization to print what he wrote here.

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