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Sunday, November 18, 2007

On the Inevitable Path

A web log neutralizes the binary opposition private/public; whether this is a positive or negative development, it certainly gives reality a new "twist." The personal computer seems to be above all else a toy. I have visited "language poet" R. Silliman's blog a couple hundred times and I have never found a single line of poetry quoted there that I could relate to. And most of the theorizing bores me to the sneering point. I've been trying unsuccessfully to find more poetry by "Sparrow" whose work I came across in Long Shot a long time ago and liked a lot. But neither Google nor Amazon lists him, or her, and Long Shot does not have an email address, so I've come up against a dead end--unless I send a letter to LS via US post but I'm not sure I have it in me to go to that kind of trouble, when I can just read and re-read the poems I have, by Sparrow, and let it go at that. We ended up not going out to the movies because B. is exhausted from four gruelling weeks at work, so I went out and rented Blood Simple which I greatly disliked for two reasons (1) after a few frames I realized I had already rented in the past, say five years ago, and (2) the pace was horribly slow, it just dragged along, it was like everyone was on Quaaludes or something--heavy-handed and annoying direction. And since we didn't go into the Square I didn't buy another Sorrentino novel, going to Rodney's instead in Central Square and buying a gorgeous 2008 calendar at half-price instead, all paintings of tango dancers in a beautiful Modigliani-style technique. 2008. What the hell is coming? 2007 had some steep hills. And as Bernhard says, whatever's going to come is already on the way. Destiny, a profound subject. As Bernhard says, "We are always searching for the right path and are always already on it." Can he be right? Something very soothing about this idea, in that it implies one has already reached one's goal, or at least that everything is all right just as it is. A fine line from the Bhagavad Gita: "True knowledge of the self does not lead to salvation, it is salvation."

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