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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Educational Alternatives

A friend writes:

Before I flew out of here last night (around 8:00) I tried to leave comments on a couple of your articles, then I saw I need a Google acct. which I will do so that I can spend some time in the waiting room. I’m especially fond of the time checks---very cool, very original. What’s the matter with people, no comments on that? I guess people are just as stupid out in cyber space as they are in real life.

The witch doctor is very informative and enlightening. I’m going to engage in recreational media sensory deprivation except for one source:

The Bush Doctor’s Waiting Room

I’m going to cancel my subscription to the Boston Glob, stop watching the morning news, drop out of the Kennedy School of Government’s extension school class I was enrolled in called:

Sustaining, Maintaining, and Upgrading the Military Industrial Complex & Other Hegemonic Interests of the U.S. in an Emerging Global Economy.

Course Description:

This course explores the development and implementation of strategies to occupy, suppress, dominate, demoralize, and overthrow weaker nations in a post ante-bellum era. We will learn ways to forcibly get what we want in the name of “Peace Keeping Missions”. We will focus on nations who have what we want and whose economic growth threatens our prosperity and our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of prosperity. We will explore ways to strip less fortunate nations of Natural Resources. We will justify this behavior following Good Old Testament Biblical Precedent, as we are a God fearing people.

Course Prerequisites:

Prior Military Experience (a dishonorable discharge is desirable). If you have no prior military experience, we will consider two of the following:

A tendency towards violence.

A Criminal Record (bring in all paperwork)

Socially Deviant Tendencies

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

An inordinate attachment to alcohol or other class 1 restricted substances

*All students must be registered Republicans

A Doc in the hand is worth Two in Bush.

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