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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hillary Voodoo Visions

Another friend writes:

I want to buy that Hillary Voodoo doll. Can you have sex with it? It would be cool if you could grab the doll’s ass during a debate and watch the real Hillary break out in a smile and start to giggle and squirm while Obama is defending his so called health plan called: “No Child Left to Die.” And you see Hillary shaking and grabbing her own ass dancing around the stage while giggling, and then pole dancing with the podium. That would get her numbers up for sure. His [Obama's] campaign team had other titles for his health plan that were shot down: No Child Left; No Child for You; No Democrat’s Child Left to Die; No more Sick Kids; Sick and Tired of Sick Kids, and on and on…all shot down. I got a lot of cyber stuff that one time or another I registered for and have never used or don’t use. It’s no different than the large portions of my cerebral cortex that go unused---empty corridors of neurotransmitters with empty memory storage compartments stacked up like boxes cluttering up the floor that lead you in a circle right back to my tongue. Some of these cortex corridors lead to dead ends, or if lucky, an old knock-knock joke at best—oh, and a few jokes that start out…”Guy walks into a bar…”. Most likely these cerebral sidewalks lead to a bald guy in diapers sitting on the floor making that motorboat sound with his lips till he falls asleep.

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