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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve Tribute to Gilbert Sorrentino

A character in Mulligan Stew compiles an inventory of books he has found in the (partially) imagined house in which fictitious author Anthony Lamont has placed him. The list begins: "The Orange Dress by Sheila Henry; Daredevil by John Charleville; Stolen Fruit by Jymes Vulgario; The Dry Ranges by Gilford Sorento; The Ouija Kiss by Harry Bore; Cobbler, Rend My Shoe! by Thom McAn; Acey-Five by Richard Tracy; Crab Hunting by Joseph Bush; The Model House by Iolanda Puttana; Buccal Violations by Carmine Rod; The Male Lesian by K.Y. Geli; Stupid Bastard: The Life of Harry Purim by Meier Meier; American Vector by Guy Lewis; Lubricious Lubricants by Reg Margarine; Mary, Mother of God by Xavier Amice, S.J.; Jackoff in the Old Red Barn by Ricky Dickey; Girls, Grapes, and Snow by Aristotle Rich; Red Flanagan's Last Throw by William Tracy; Stick 'Em Up by "Toni"; The King's Son by Hurley Lees; Thank God for My Gonorrhea by Joseph Viejo; Tie Your Own Tubes by V.A. Szechtomijh; Put It Right There by Vera Panting; One Thousand Occasional Sonnets by Gordo Kelly; Crazy for Corsets by Van Raalte; The Truth About Vegetables by Harry Krishna-Rama; Sexual Fulfillment in the Woods by Birch Humpper; Men's Room Madness by Gabriel Power; The Boon of Unemployment by Milhous Hoover; Lace Me Tighter! by Merrie Widdoe; 30 Days to a Bigger Thing by Novena Lodge; It's Great to be a Champeen by Gorman Sailer; The Cry of the Serbo-Croats by Boris Crzwxwzw; Schultz Is Dead by Una Cazzo; 10 Days to a Hairless Body by Alice Guné; Yes, We Have No Bananas by "Sister Veronica"; Myth and Methodology in the Albanian Novel by Julius Naranja; The Big Lie: Myths about the Third Reich by Sepp Schultz-Staffel; Country Album by Nicholas de Selby; The Wiener in Bavarian Folk Art by Nathan Famoso; Repairing Your Motorcycle by Anton Harley; Our Friend, The Cockroach by G. Blatta; American Lake Poetry by George Stardust: How to Understand the Deaf by James Joyce; The Man Who Sailed Away: A Memoir by Harold Barge; Tomorrow I'll Get Straight by Alex Schmecker; The Sexual Aspects of Integral Calculus by Manuel Joie; Light in the Head by Roberto Bligh; Dust From Chickenhouse Floors by Boris Vozneshenko; A Whim of Grit by Howard Dick; Born to Be Italian by Myles na gCoopaleen; So You Want To Be Jewish? by Saul Bernard Roth; Runs in My Nylons: My Life as a Transvestite Editor by Hanes Gossard; Negroes With Buns: The Story of the Harlem Cooperatie Bakery by Rose Towne Krug; Brekekekéx Koáx Koáx! by Ali Garoo: How to Hit .212 by Clinton Hondo; What the Vice President Eats by "du Garbandier"; Confession Can Be Fun! by Vito Calzone, S.J.; Traprock Ridge by Lewis Watchung; Metaphor Is Real by Clay Clayton; Nutcracker Sunday by Gloria Shinem; Unicorn Crimson, Unicorn Grey by Rupert Whytte-Blorenge; Algebraical Puzzles, Nuts, Wrinkles, and Twisters by Albert Einstein; A Pint of Plain is Your Only Man by Jem Casey; Sexism at the Battle of Waterloo by "Jilly" . . . . "

A night to be drunk on words.

Mulligan Stew (New York: Grove, 1979), p. 31.

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