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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Presidential Politics & Voodoo

This is to point out that a Hillary Clinton voodoo doll is available at Rodney's in Central Square, the box art showing a diagram of her (fully clothed) body with dotted lines surrounding various organs that are targets for the needles that presumably accompany the doll. BWR neither supports nor opposes the addition of this product to the "free market." It is much too early for all the presidential debating that is going on, it's all just a pretext for the television interests to increase their profits, one should feel free to ignore it all. Until poor and middle income people can run for office--which would require a campaign finance reform law that would provide for public funding of U.S. congressional elections, a cause BWR has supported for many years--the presidential election process is primarily a game for rich people to play, having little bearing on the well being of the masses of people whose labor upholds this country. Marx predicted capitalism would destroy itself, he thought through armed revolution, which never came to pass and is now an obsolete concept; the self-destruction, however, is happening as a result of the contempt in which capitalists have held the world's delicate ecosystems over the years, blinded by their crack-addict need for incessant "growth" and profits. These warm winter days send chills down one's spine. It's almost too late now--the car will have to fishtail just before it goes over the edge, skidding sideways right up to the precipice of climatological catastrophe.

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