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Friday, January 4, 2008

Dead End, More Books

Next to no progress on the screenplay tonight; I've only just begun and I feel I'm at a dead end; once again, out of desperation, considering trying to write up a scenario, though that really goes against my grain . . . but think of all the plot outlines Dostoievski wrote for The Idiot! I could at least try it.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The inventory continues: " . . . From Burgers to Billions: The Saga of MacDonald's by E. Coli; Covering Your Lawn With Sheet Metal by Leo Kaufman; Fire Pail by Vladimir Papilion; Studies in the Egg Cream by Jem Spaa; I Miss the Hangers by Jonah Jonah; Say Yes to Love by Molly Bloom; I Married a Socialist Worker by Linda Lovely; Throw Away Your Truss by Charles Atlas; Victor Mature: Man of Two Faces by Jacques Auteur; Baudelaire: Bourgeois Swine by Jean-Paul Roi; Things to Do in Mechanicville by Ole Moses; Jesus Christ!--A History of Ford Hood by Bert Sonnertino; Regular Guy: The Life of Nelson Rockefeller by Barry Grovel; My Life With the Seattle Pilots by Joe L. Tremont; Playboys in Heels by I. Miller; How Do Accidents Occur? by B.G. Conondrom; Sheila Sleeping by Louis Henry; Getting Rid of Unwanted Sweat Glands by Mr. Tod; I Am Jesus by Biba Papa; How to Eat a Lobster by K.C. Max; Bridges: Poets Express Their Love, Horace Rosettes, Ed.; Reet Wilson--Jazz Genius by Booker Fusto; What's New? by Richard Detective; In My Own Bag by Louis Vuitton; So You Want to Sell Your Lot! by Joseph Matines; Imaginary Jollities on Factual Wings by Gilberto Soterroni; The Lady or the Tiger?: A Study of Sexist Repression in American Popular Fiction by Medusa Queynte; Omar Bulbul, The Persian Nightingale by P. MacCruiskeen; Fun With Your Foundation by B. Jolie . . . . "

G. Sorrentino, Mulligan Stew, p. 32.

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