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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dialect vs. Dialogue

I finished reading George V. Higgins At End of Day and must say I enjoyed his technique of having one character after another, from beginning to end, speak in longish monologues of gangster talk, as in, to create an example from my notes:

You shouldn't've killed him inna street like that. All we'd hafta do'd be tah say he was a rat. The cops're lookin' for 'im. More'n enough noses'll be put outa joint by this. The hell you're talkin' about? Wancher cake 'n' eat it too? 'm I right? Whyncha listen to me? I'm trynah help you. 're you nuts? Whatcho sayin' that for? They couldah sneaked in. Anna cops wouldn't've known nothin'. Things've calmed down for the moment, no thanks tah that pieceah crap.

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