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Monday, January 7, 2008

Pretty To Think So et al.

The inventory continues: "A Dish of Irish Setters by Rock Wagram; King Stink by Campo Dawes; Oblique Qualities in the A Priori Thought of Carl Jung by Lewis Fielding; . . . A Delerium of Garters by Joanne Popsi; The Smiling Medico by Solway Garr, M.D; Norman Mailer's Greatest Fights by Patsy Tanker; Alger Hiss and the Meaning of Patriotism by Bjorn Ayer; Favorite Songs of the American Legion by Horst Wessel; So You Want to Dance, Act, and Play the Clarinet! by Priscilla Peck; Bitter and Vicious: A Study of Later Writings of Gilles de Sorentain by H. Poloie; The Vacant Mind by Sue Sunday; Meet Ms. Missy Massy by Ms. Madeline Munck; Repairing Your Tree's Crotch by Henry Thoreau; . . . Thighs and Groans by Frank Newman; New York is Really Swell! by Ronald Paloma; The Cedar Tavern Book by Guy Wadson; Lieder and Its Influence on Mick Jagger by Aaron Alwitz; My Most Memorable Lunches by E.D. Martini; Of Course, Dear: The Married Couple's Guide to Sexual Perversion by Davis Rube, M.D.; The Layman's Missal by Buck Mulligan; Masturbate Those Pounds Away by Weary Reilly; Painters and French Wines by Orlick Trellis; The Marxist Orientation of Nabokov's 'Pale Fire' by Richard Schiller; Pretty To Think So by Jacob Barnes; Studies in Alum Theory by Richard Blister; Lesbianism in Western Ireland, 1886-1891 by Olive d'Oyly and Winnie Carr; Plagiarism in Gilberto D. Ricardo's 'Tinta Fabricada' by Laszlo Syntax, Ph.D.; A Priest Looks at Group Sex by Pedro Nanismo, D. Th.; . . . The Delights of Pork by Jorge Chicharrón; Fly by Night by Holden Talon; Phallus Worship in Queens by Aubrey Hawtree Ceek; The Early Films of Chico Zeek by Daniel Deever; Best Cartoons from The Voelkischer Neobachter, Kurt Bunde, ed.; Stars! The Story of My Orgasm by David Bromide; . . . Carrots in Siberia: Soviet Literature Before the Thaw by Igor Pantzoff; Directing Plays for the YMCA by Giovanni Simone; Cocktails and Turtle Soup by R.T. McCoy; A Skeleton Key to 'Rabbit, Run' by O. Christ; A Layman's Guide to the Flies of North America by Rex Mattachine; Those Happy, Laughing Sicilians by Ruggiero Lupara; A Dream of Tureens by Ignatz Geezel; The Velvet Trench by Joy Cumming; The Foundations of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Corps, 1945-1949 by Olga Warner; Low Comedy in the American Private School by Orson Cicere; Kreplach in the Congo by Reb Yellen; The Blazon of Colours by Montgomery Crisco; Son in Caïna by Court Royal; Cold Porter by Lisa O'Deavis; Emergency Clergyman by King Billy; . . . A Bridal Idyll by A. Bandonado; 1,001 Ways to Stuff a Watermelon by Etta Peeche . . . ."

Yes there have been some "silent" deletions because though one appreciates low humor, one does not appreciate disgusting humor.

G. Sorrentino, Mulligan Stew, p. 33.

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