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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Writers Strike & The World of Books

A TV commentator reporting on the WGA writers strike quoted one writer as saying: "Writing is simple. You just sit at your computer and let beads of blood form on your brow." Too terribly true! Unusually bad night at the desk tonight. I felt like the little boy who knew the meaning of Christmas but didn't know how to use it in a sentence. [a steal from Joe Owens]

. . . . . . . . .

The inventory continues: " . . . Whores: Are They Human? by M.C. Puerco; Years of Grease by Meg Barn; A History of the Latvian Theater by Juan Simón; Jesus in My Glove by Mac "Octopus" Vouty; Cellophane Soldier by George Pompson; Counter-Revolutionary Crimes of Fried-Egg Vendors by Fidel Sofá; Death in Venice and the Comic Spirit by Sol Mallow; Some Uses of Vaseline by D.A.F. Sodd; Fun in Newark by Rosario Oglio; No More Unsightly Bulges by Maria Sangre; Napalm and Its Role in World Peace by Maxwell Champagne, Lt. Gen., USAF (Ret.); Blue Day by Raymond Blue; . . . Having That Affair by B. Boylan; Vaginal Imagery in the Later Poems of Trumbull Stickney by Lillie Bullero; Waco! Wedge of Paradise by Tex Mex; Golf Your Way to Sexual Fulfilllment by Franz Godemiche; Lad With a Dream: The Story of Herman Con by Pablo Petard; William Carlos Williams and the Sioux Nation by Fred Engels; Call me Gay, Call Me Fey by Biggs Richard; Blood and Bills: My Life as a Successful Surgeon by Kirk Benway, M..D.; Stick It Under My Oxter by Finn MacCool; Fall, Denby, and Daugherty: Genius in Action by Warren G. Harding; Physics for Foreigners by Nicolas Chauvin; On a Chinese Honeymoon by Mao Tse Tung; My Favorite Christmas Tales by Reinhard Heydrich; Gon' Git Down On Some Sweet Wine by John 'Shots' LeKing . . . . "

G. Sorrentino, Mulligan Stew, p. 32.

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