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Friday, February 22, 2008

The Danger of Sausage

Humor that almost breaks one's heart, and then makes one feel somewhat disgusted with oneself for having laughed, this is what Bernhard specializes in, as in Frost, where one finds out, halfway through the work, that the knacker has been supplying the landlady of the inn where the narrator, a young medical intern, and his day-time companion (the nearly crazed painter) are residing, with dead dogs for use in the kitchen, yes, it's too terribly true, the narrator vowing never again to order any meat dishes, particularly sausage, the one remark overheard by the narrator the night he discovers the practice (listening outside the door to the landlady's bedroom where she lets the knacker, with his rucksack, in through the window late at night), uttered by the landlady, being, "Oh what a beautiful dog it was."

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