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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dressed for a Lack of Success

More from Frost, the most disappointing aspect of which, so far, is that the only realm of stability and decency the work recognizes is that of personal wealth, a superficial view of human affairs, if not a deranged one, the wealthy classes all too often, in societies across the globe, criminal in their lack of compassion and imagination. Yes, Duchesses have their problems too, as Noel Coward blythely pointed out--but how many of them go without housing? In any event, the Bernhard humor, rising from hyperboyle that often reaches to a level of neurotic hysteria, is very fine indeed:

Says failed or at least inactive painter Strauch: "All my life, I've never hated anything as much as I hated teachers. Those teachers who always struck me as the embodiment of stupidity, the stupidity was drilled into their underpants."

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