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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Oblivious Majority

I was astonished to see that tonight's presidential primary debate was only broadcast on cable! Ah, the great oblivious majority . . . the New York Times reporting yesterday that only 30 percent of registered Democrats bother to vote in the primary . . . they say every country gets the leader it deserves . . . I was, as I had expected to be, confused by the discussion of health care reform by Hillary and Barack . . . Nader is right to protest that a single-payer health insurance program run by the federal government and modeled on the systems Britain, France and Canada enjoy, has been taken off the table by the two Democratic contenders; it is inhumane and predatory and despicable to treat health care as a for-profit enterprise, as the US insurance industry does . . . I'm not saying we should switch to a single-payer system overnight, but can't we at least take a step or two in that direction? . . . which means we need to at least talk about it . . . and the presidential candidates are not, except for Ralph, who has no chance of being elected, or even participating in the debates (due to the ideologues who run them) . . . cf. M. LeClerc: "To be an American is to live with perpetual scandal." . . . the fact that Obama is not accepting campaign donations from Political Action Committees or lobbyists clearly makes him the candidate of choice . . . they say politics is the art of the possible . . . literature, then, is the art of despair and ecstasy . . . and speaking of ecstasy, multiple tracks from my brother Chris' CD titled Orbit are available for listening on a complimentary basis @


Anonymous said...

I heard that politics is show business for ugly people.

Richard McNally said...

That's funny ... I heard that years ago and had forgotten it ... nice to hear it again.