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Friday, February 1, 2008

Screenwriter by Invitation

Eszterhaus was solicited to become a screenwriter by a screenwriter agent who read his novel Charlie Simpson's Apocalypse and thought it cinematic, so I've put in a request for it from the depository out of curiosity. I read Basic Instinct today on IMSDb and found he gives a lot of attention to what the characters are looking at.

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Joe Schmo said...

My grandfather was a genius screenwriter of the silent film era--one of the best. Once talkies came out, he lost his job. Actors wanted more lines and no one wanted to hear short, choppy narrative type remarks.

Reason he was so good at screenwriting for silent movies was because that's how he talked all the time. He'd take me fishing and say about three things the whole time we were there--five things on a chatty day.

1(We'd get there and he'd say:
"The Old fishin' hole"

2) I'd bait my hook and he'd say:
"You'll never catch nothin' with that"

3)After about an hour he'd say:
"Yep...I could tell ya some stories."

4) Half an hour later he'd say:

5)Last thing he'd say was:
"What'd I tell ya? Let's get outta here"