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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When Frost Thaws

I've finished with Frost and can't recommend it, too much unfocused blowsy downbeat philosophizing, and none of the characters are described as to their appearance--I mean to take a look at some of his later works and see if he does that, or refrains from that, there as well; it's funny in a few places, but as someone said of Life itself: "It's funny, but not funny enough." Coleridge said we read Richard III because we are charmed by "the splendor of its deformity"; the same could be said of Frost, but even this would be giving it more praise than it deserves. The rewriting of Screenplay 2 seemed worth the effort tonight, though for some reason I kept thinking about Shakespeare as I worked and how incredibly far my dialogue is from his, and how he was said (accurately?) to have written with next to no rewriting.

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