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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Poor Writing, Napalm & Iraq Casualties

First typescript of Screenplay 2 is finished, characters suffering from a bad case of shallowness which I meant to correct as I started marking it up but I got caught up in the mechanism of the plot and it wasn't until around page 60 of the mark-up that I thought, "Damn, I was supposed to be thinking about adding depth to the characters." I forgot my primary objective. Plus I need to make the protag more likeable. It's just a plot wind-up toy at the moment, felt irritable when I finished the typing and dove into Apocalypse Now for some movie pleasure, a kind gift from Andrew, and was impressed by the opening shot where there's the long delay before the eruption of the colossally tall plumes of flame among the trees in the b.g., napalm being one of the most heinous instruments of war since the invention of gun powder, plain gasoline bombs not deadly enough because you can wipe the flame off so they added goo to make it stick to the skin (and other targets), truly a Satanic thing and Coppola was right to give flames such prominence in his opening shot, and try this on for size, compliments of one's community cable TV: WWI, 10 percent of casualties were civilians; WWII, 50 percent of casualties were civilians; Iraq, 90 percent of casualties have been civilians.

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