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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Dubious Fruit of Capitalism

From today's New York Times (Health, p. D5):

"The United States ranks 45th in life expectancy, behind Bosnia and Jordan; near last, compared with other developed countries, in infant mortality; and in last place, according to the Commonwealth Fund, a health-care research group, among major industrialized countries in health-care quality, access and efficiency."


Joe Schmo said...

Only in America!

Joe Schmo said...

What a Country!

Joe Schmo said...

Your NY Times excerpt motivated me to surf the Inter Web and see what I could catch on the Net. This could be outdated but I doubt there’s been a dramatic rebound or shift in these trends, or we probably would have heard some candidate taking credit for it. For better or worse and for what it’s worth, here it is.

These are fresh off The World Desk Reference:
There are around two million people in prison in the US, almost a quarter of the world total.
Imprisonment for narcotics crimes in the US is much more widespread than in most Western countries.
Violent crime – especially murder – is much more common than in other developed countries, even in relatively well-off areas

Around 30% of the population is clinically obese, and obesity kills nearly as many people as smoking.
Annual Defense Budget: $330 Billion, a trend that is up %10 since 2002
I also saw where the W.H.O. ranked the U.S. 37th in health care.

Other US Rankings from fresh off The World Desk Reference
Life Expectancy: 30
Infant Mortality: 37
GNP per capita: 6
Literacy: 1 (99% of the population)

We rank number 1 in literacy. Well, I got something to say about that! Unlike all those other rock bottom, low ranking countries, at least WE CAN READ ABOUT IT! AND WE DO! AND NOW EVEN MORE OF US WILL! Thanks, Rick.