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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Screenplay Comments XV

Joe the Conqueror continues:

[I like Clive and am] intrigued from an actor/acting teacher POV about this guy. A guy that says and does what he does is fascinating and it’s intriguing to think about his mannerisms, and how he holds a glass and how long he lets dishes pile up and everything else. I mean this is no guy you’d ever see riding the bus with the proletariat, you know?

That cat stands out. If he wasn’t nudged into a life of crime he would have been a Green Beret or professional athlete or surgeon or any damn thing he frigging pleased. I think going back to the teacher thing . . . I have to motivate these kids to ask questions and think about their characters.

I really see him as a good guy at heart, absolutely, and he didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Shit, instead of going to my accounting class, I think I’ll rob a liquor store, kill the owner, and start sleeping with his widow.”. This is a guy who changed plans in mid robbery to protect someone—pretty cool.

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