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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sheer Tragedy?

Sigh. In today's New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote (p. A23):

"Now, the securities and investment industry is pouring money into both Mr. Obama's and Mrs. Clinton's coffers. And these donors surely believe that they're buying something in return."

I thought Obama wasn't accepting corporate contributions. If I can find another report corroborating Krugman's, I'm probably going to resort to not voting, adding my number to the millions who do not vote, in my case attempting to undertake an act of protest against a political process that has become so corrupted by money it doesn't deserve one's participation. Campaign finance reform is crucial to the well being of this country. A reasonable level of public funding of US presidential and congressional elections is the only way the undue influence of wealth and unearned income can be removed from the electoral process.

Cf. N.O. Ting: "If a little bit of learning is a dangerous thing, immense learning is sheer tragedy."

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Gail Rae said...

Reading this post gave me the idea of searching the question: "What if we held an election and no one came?" (pun not intended but appropriate)

Interesting results. Seems this has happened.

I'll leave it to anyone's interest to decide whether to follow up.