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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Klein: Bush Admin. Oil Law for Iraq a 'Disgrace'

As to Iraq's oil reserves, Klein writes that the Bush administration drafted a new law that the Iraqi cabinet adopted in February 2007. The law "placed no limits on the amount of profits that foreign companies can take from the country and made no specific requirements about how much or how little foreign investors would partner with Iraqi companies or hire Iraqis to work in the oil fields. Most brazenly, it excluded Iraq's elected parliamentarians from having any say in the terms for future oil contracts . . . It's hard to overstate the disgrace of this attempted resource grab. Iraq's oil profits are the country's only hope of financing its own reconstruction when some semblance of peace returns. To lay claim to that future wealth in a moment of national disintegration was disaster capitalism at its most shameless." The Shock Doctrine, p. 377.

I've got to research the United Nations charter. For the life of me I can't understand how what the U.S. is doing to Iraq can be legally permissible. It's legal for the US to occupy a sovereign state for as long as it feels like it? To stay in perpetuity? I mean is the US just stealing another country? What's next? Will the Bush administration annex Iraq? Propose that it become the 51st state? wtf ! ! !

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