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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ambushed by a Paperback

For no particular reason, no, that's not true . . . in order to avoid reading Robbe-Grillet last night I picked up M. Yourcenar's Coup de Grâce, which I first read in 1986, and it was so insightful and charming that it totally undermined my self-confidence today and it was only with the greatest effort I was able to turn to my new screenplay this evening and advance it a couple scenes, rage once again playing a determining role in the development of the plot. Reading fiction is a dodgy business, you never know what it's going to do to you. I may have to pick up guidebooks to Vienna, Poland and Romania as I am, at least for the moment, dealing with extraordinary rendition, though with a twist of course, and will have to do some more weapons research. Watched the DVD Rendition on Saturday night, it's a good film dealing with a down and dirty subject, lost a substantial amount of money in the US, I think the budget was $27 million, and it only made $9 million or so at home, but that's consistent with an opinion expressed by N. Chomsky on CCTV last night that the educated and indoctrinated upper 20 percent of the population is manipulated by the ruling elite into spending its time, at least those in the corporatized media, making sure the remaining 80 percent spend their time thinking about sheer fluff from morning till night.


Patty McNally Doherty said...

Define sheer fluff.

Patty McNally Doherty said...

I intentionally tried to spend the day not thinking of fluff. But the primaries are on tonight and I want to watch the results come in. Tell me, quick, it that fluff? They're almost on!

Richard McNally said...

When most election coverage is presented in the form of a horse race, or hoarse race, it is fluff. When questions such as why aren't the proceedings of the Fed open to at least Congressional scrutiny are not discussed at all, we are drowned in fluff. Fluff makes a good pillow but poor politics. Disgraceful politics. Who took single-payer health insurance off the table? Why isn't funding for Alzheimer's being discussed? Couldn't they give it at least one hour? Whereas tonight they will give 10 or 12 to the Indiana "race."