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Friday, September 5, 2008

Nothing New Under Le Soleil

I borrow a DVD from the library titled Gabrielle, a French film by I can't remember whom, based on a Conrad work called The Return and how does it start? With the longest opening voiceover I've ever heard. I didn't get around to watching it till the night before it was due, so I wasn't able to watch all of it, because I was tired, but I'm going to borrow it again and see how many pages, or minutes, it runs. It was kind of a typical French film in that it had long, long conversations between two people, the kinds of scenes I'm not allowing myself to write. It deals with a well to do couple who live in an enormous townhouse in what I suppose is Paris and they have like four or five servants, it's true decadence, holds one's attention--the maids wear white gloves when serving dinner. To think that they might accidentally touch the food! Mon Dieu! I'm back to working on the script that opens with the long voiceover after having finished major alterations on Intent to Kill, now titled The Murder Portfolio, based on an excellent story conference with Joe the Conqueror, query letter and one-page synopsis, along with tag line and logline ready to go.

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