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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vested Interests on Their Knees

All the full of sh*t conservative extremists and reactionaries and plutocrats and self-centered expropriators comprising a certain element of the investment class are looking more than usually asinine these days, as the great Wall Street firms go belly-up from excessive greed and short-sighted thinking, and it's amusing to think of the way they always claim government is the source, not the solution, of the periodic economic catastrophes that afflict this nation, because when the chips are down the Republicans are down on their knees begging Washington to save them from bankruptcy, at the taxpayers' expense. Yet, metaphorically speaking, they are my brothers and sisters, these a**hole investment high-rollers, and I extend my arms to them and would gladly take the time to explain to them the errors of their ways, if they would only find the time to fit me into their busy schedules.


Joe Schmo said...

My country has been ravished by military powers fighting us and then each other for our oil to the point that if we ever got it back we’d have nothing to put it in. You don’t need oil to make a camel go, or to heat a cave. We’d just sell it cheap to the countries that took it from us in the first place. After awhile we’d rebuild schools and hospitals and someday have people to use them. We dream this, but that’s it.

Not that we want others to suffer, but this whole thing you describe as “chips being down” and “people down on their knees begging Washington”, describes everyday life for us the past 20-30 years. We would not so much look at this as “affliction” or “economic catastrophe” as you say, but more “leveling the playing field” just a bit… bringing the global community just a little bit closer. And if things get real bad for you, you should know we will help.

Joe Schmo said...

I’ve been corrected by a reader/supporter who sent this to me regarding my previous post:
“Joe, not to diminish or disrespect the suffering your country has endured, but the English word you meant to use was "ravaged". "My country has been 'ravaged' by military powers...” That's the word most journalists use to describe the desolation, ruin, calamity, genocide, humiliation, lack of education, and diaspora of a people like yours…just trying to help out here.” I thank him for that.