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Monday, March 9, 2009

Writing Technique

More from The Devil's Guide to Hollywood:

Raymond Chandler: "Ideas are poison. The more you reason, the less you create."

Though Eszterhas notes: "Producer Ray Stark told screenwriter/novelist Jim Harrison that as a young agent one of his jobs was to get Raymond Chandler off the floor of his apartment, where he sometimes slept fully dressed in a drying pool of his own vomit."

Screenwriter Dan Harris (Imaginary Heroes): "My script is my head vomited up on paper."

Pp. 86, 147-8.


Joe Schmo said...

I vomited on paper once or twice... writing the same letter. Sent it anyway.

Joe Schmo said...

How much longer is the Bushdoctor gonna make us wait! I thought my Google Alert was defective!

Joe Schmo said...

Okay...I see I'll have to get the ball rolling here: Hey, Rick,