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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Afghanistan: The Oil Factor

One is aware that the reason the U.S. military is in Afghanistan is to secure access to future oil supplies in Asia. Fine. Understandable idea. But it does not justify the killing of innocent people. An ends-justifies-the-means philosophy is the philosophy of the Nazis. We cannot prance through the world inflicting holocausts on innocent men, women and children. What the U.S. is doing is despicable, intolerable, irrational, self-defeating and--one says this without exaggerating--unforgivable. We must get out of Afghanistan immediately. If there are problems with respect to future supplies of oil, we'll deal with that then, acting responsibly and humanely and with honor.

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Joe Schmo said...

The scope of this is unfathomable.You expect better behavior from a country that pledges "liberty and justice for all". It makes no sense but it's really nothing new. Murder and brutality seem to be in our national DNA.

We took this land by genocide and built the country on slavery. Then we had our own little blood-bath of a “Civil” War to restore the "UNION". We don’t provide adequate healthcare for our citizens and rape, spousal and child abuse go on continuously on our watch. We don’t even care for our own.