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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

U.S. Out of Afghanistan Immediately

An AP dispatch of twenty minutes ago quoted Afghan officials stating that between 30 and 100 civilians were killed as a result of recent US bombing raids. This is murder. This is inexcusable. One's local cable-access TV station has reported that civilian deaths during WWI came to 10 percent of total casualties, 50 percent during WWII, 75 percent during the Vietnam War, and 90 percent in Iraq.

U.S. foreign policy is so far off the path of decency and rationality that one strikes one's forehead in disbelief.

Killing innocent human beings is beyond despicable, beyond contemptible--and what goes around comes around. To ignore the universal justice of "karma" is to walk off a cliff. The U.S. has gone over the edge.

To kill a single innocent person is inexcusable. In Iraq we've lost some 4,000 soldiers; the Iraqi government recently released an Iraqi casualty estimate of some 80,000. Is this a fair fight? Or is it unmitigated brutality and insanity?

I'm very disappointed by Obama's militaristic outlook on Afghanistan. We should pull out now. We've started another blood bath before we've even finished in Iraq.

It is immoral to kill innocent women and children. This is self-evident. I pray to God Obama realizes this and starts to pull our troops out immediately.

Peace is the answer, not permanent war.

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