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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Man With Message

The other night on one's wonderful and indispensable local cable-access TV station they broadcast a short documentary I guess you'd call it, no narration, showing a guy in a Speedo standing on the main corner in Central Square on a day when everyone was wearing coats and he's holding this sign on a stick that says on one side "Honk for Peace" and on the other "Honk for War" and he keeps switching it back and forth every so often and the honking is about the same for the one side as the other.

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Joe Schmo said...

Though I believe we could be split 50-50 about what's better war or peace, I think there's a third category we fail to see. There are people in the world who want peace, and there are people in the world who want war--or in Central Square, anyway. But there are also people in the world who will honk at a guy on the street in a Speedo. I suggest a grant funded study using Speedo placebo controlling for experimenter biASS.