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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Kindly Ones

A heavily researched novel that reads like a heavily researched novel, it's like reading a history text, has author Jonathan Littell never heard Wilde's comment that "The most important thing in life is style"?, it's like reading a reference book on the Third Reich, how it won Le Prix Goncourt I'll never know.  I started at the beginning, got bored after forty pages, dipped into it midway and got bored again, having bought it for $.01 online because it was a debut novel of more than a thousand pages with a first-person narrator, 2000 copies (!) of an advance reader's edition (bound paperback) having been mailed, reportedly, to reviewers, etc., prior to publication by Harper's, wonder what the sales turned out to be, Hitler's inner circle a subject I can't say I've ever been much interested in, perhaps I'll give it one final try.

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