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Saturday, January 31, 2015

One's Current Project

Rewriting a novel (in ms.) from the 1980s, originally titled Afflicted, then Fear's Orchid.  Little-published writers who blog of course brand themselves across the forehead with the word "amateur" but it's so effortless to do, and so enjoyable to use the mechanism, how does one avoid it, particularly someone who's worked for a hot-type publication, supervised chain-smoking printers on press-day, and is familiar with the thousand and one steps that must be taken to get words out to an audience in non-digital multi-person linotype publishing?

And having an apparent international audience is almost hilarious to consider.

Message in a bottle.

Though Rick Moody, a significant novelist, is somewhat active on FB, an institution whose triviality cannot be overstated, often promoting his singing career, which he should abandon.

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