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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Genealogy of Morals / Nietzsche

He writes: "The worst readers--The worst readers are those who proceed like plundering soldiers: they pick up a few things they can use, soil and confuse the rest, and blaspheme the whole."

Now who does this call to mind?, lol.

Nothing for it but to let out a bursting Zarathustrian laugh, Capote known for never opening his mouth about a contemporary writer without slandering their talent.

Nietzsche, his misogyny extreme unto madness, is a skilled prose stylist, if a spewing spurting volcano of Negativity, hostility, lunatic arrogance, and penetrating insight into the darkest recesses of human character, but when The Genealogy climaxes with the claim that the will to truth is a "problem," one wonders where one is being led.

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