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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Unbroken / Coen Bros.

Straightforward forgettable aliterary script (which I hate to deprecate, having watched Blood Simple on tv just a week ago as my go-to show during commercial breaks of the NBA finals and having been totally captivated, to the point I was missing key plays in the game because I couldn't tear myself away from watching the film, the scene where the dude is buried alive one of the all-time overwhelming cinema experiences, and the false ending followed by all the unanticipated further machinations amazingly clever and suspenseful) that plods through hardship after hardship after hardship, with no relief of any kind, violating the fundamental law of drama that requires variety within a given work, which is not to criticize war-hero protag Louis Zamperelli (sp?), who endured the unendurable, all respect and honor to him, but director Angelina Jolie (in her directing debut?) produced a documentary, not a feature film, and brother does it drag. 

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