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Saturday, October 31, 2015


A priceless opportunity was missed--priceless, priceless!--in this crime drama when, after dispatching the bad guy's wife and two sons with bursts from an automatic rifle as they're at table for the evening meal in retaliation for his daughter having been thrown into a vat of acid and his wife's head cut off, Benecio says to said malefactor:

"Keep eating."

Mistake, mistake, mistake.


There is one line and one line only that should have been used at this moment, and had it been used, it would immediately have gone down as one of the best all-time cracks in cinema history. What the inimitable incomparable ultimate actor  Benecio should have said, cooly, politely, is:

"Don't let me interfere with your meal."

Torsos of wife and two sons flat on the tablecloth, bleeding profusely.

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