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Friday, July 15, 2016

Holding a Grudge?

As to yesterday's inconceivable tragegdy in Nice, France--

Is the ongoing attack on the West by Islamofascist terrorists the result of a grudge that goes as far back as the Crusades? Are they driven by, at the core, a thirst for revenge?

How to deal with an enemy possessed by extreme mental illness and living in chronic homicidal frenzy? When one's antagonist is foaming at the mouth and slaughtering non-combatants, how can there by any thought but extermination, which of course, in the long run, will guarantee the problem will never be solved, because what hawks will probably call "justifiable genocide" or some such thing, will only deepen the thirst for revenge?

A problem with no solution? One desperately hopes not, with God as one's witness.

Saturday, July 16, 2016 @ 10:30 AM

As to this past Thursday night's terrorist tragedy in Nice, France, today's Times reports:

[T]he Islamic State had featured its claim of responsibility 
in a news bulletin on its radio station, Al Bayan, and ...  
“threatened that ‘crusader states’ are not safe.” The claim 
must be greeted with caution. The Islamic State has at times 
asserted responsibility for attacks carried out in its name, 
even when there was no indication that the terrorist 
network had any direct role in planning or carrying out the 

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