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Monday, July 4, 2016

Of Dullness, Confusion and Rousseau

What's needed for Of Grammatology is a guidebook like Catalano's superb work on Being &  Nothingness. Deconstruction is hard enough to understand but when it is presented in a manner that is indifferent to fundamental principles of expository writing it becomes a tar pit, and if that's the point, that he wants us to experience textual futility and the death of reason and all the other sacred principles of his "ground-breaking" and "heuristic" and "indispensable" philosophy, let him exhibit the courage of withdrawing it from publication, or burying it in an unmarked grave in the first place, and perhaps crawling in with it, though one isn't about to demand it, live and let live, but the book should be buried, or rewritten in a manner that shows some respect for the reader. Cf. M.LeClerc: "The fundamental requirement for the philosopher is a capacity to absorb virtually unlimited quantities of dull writing."

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