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Friday, February 17, 2017

Depraved Donnie IV

Intuition tells me President Pinocchio, who appears to this writer to be a clear and president danger to the well being of the United States, is going, or may have already begun, to self-destruct, go down in flames, be impeached by the House, convicted by the Senate. And what's galling to consider is that it is likely he will take the disgrace in stride, condemn everyone who has played a role in ending his presidency, shrug it off, go about his business of enriching himself and his family by building hotels and golf courses, write a book or two categorizing the rest of us as delusional and vulgar. You just can't win with someone like this. Once he's gone, we'll just have to learn, somehow, not to think about him, that's the best that can be hoped for.

And do what we can to prevent a future freak, pariah, embarrassment, from getting into the White House.

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